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Universal Household Soldering Gun
  • Universal Household Soldering GunUniversal Household Soldering Gun

Universal Household Soldering Gun

Introducing the Universal Household Soldering Gun - WT-700 by Westul, a renowned name among Manufacturers of power tools for over 27 years. With an annual production exceeding 6,000,000 units and a global reach to 97 countries, we pride ourselves on innovation and quality. Our Factory, based in China, holds certifications like CE/TUV/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC, ensuring the highest standards. The WT-700, equipped with 87 patents, is your assurance of cutting-edge technology.


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Product Description

Explore the versatility of the Universal Household Soldering Gun - WT-700. Powered by an efficient AC supply of 220~240V and a 200W rating, this soldering gun offers precision and performance. The LED light enhances visibility, making your tasks easier.

Adjust the temperature with three distinct areas:

Area A: 70-200°C for cutting polyfoam.

Area B: 200-350°C for normal soldering.

Area C: 350-500°C for engraving on wood.

Packaged in a Color Box/BMC, the WT-700 weighs a mere 0.9kg and boasts a compact unit size of 23x18x5cm. Available for Wholesale, individual Buy, or even as a Free Sample, this product is In Stock. Benefit from exclusive Discounts, Competitive Prices, and a robust Warranty, making it the Latest Selling choice.

Product Parameters:



Power Supply


Rated Voltage


Rated Power




Temperature Areas

 A (70-200°C), B (200-350°C), C (350-500°C)

Packing Weight


Unit Size



 Color Box/BMC

Q’ty of 20’/40’/40’HQ


Product Applications:

Universal Household Soldering Gun - WT-700, a universal household welding gun, is a versatile tool with applications in metal welding for construction, manufacturing, and automotive repair, essential for vehicle maintenance, widely used in the manufacturing industry, and employed by artists and craftsmen for metal artwork and sculptures, offering efficient solutions for metal joining and fabrication in various fields.

Product Details:

1: The switch is located above the handle, which is in line with people's usage habits

2: The temperature adjustment knob is set above the tail of the Universal Household Soldering Gun. There are three temperature zones ABC, which correspond to different application requirements.

3: The tip of the Universal Household Soldering Gun is made of high-temperature resistant stainless steel, and the tip is removable and replaceable.

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