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Portable Household Electric Blower
  • Portable Household Electric BlowerPortable Household Electric Blower

Portable Household Electric Blower

Introducing the Portable Household Electric Blower - WT-EB17A by Westul. As seasoned Manufacturers with over 27 years of expertise in crafting power tools, Westul takes pride in an annual production exceeding 6,000,000 units. A significant majority of our products hold CE/TUV/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC certifications, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation. With products exported to 97 countries and 87 patents, Westul stands as a reliable brand.


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Product Description

The Portable Household Electric Blower - WT-EB17A combines functionality with convenience. With a robust AC power supply of 220~240V and a rated power of 400W, this blower offers a powerful airflow of 2.2m³/min. WT-EB17A provides two designs: adjustable speed model and fixed speed model. The adjustable speed model has an adjustable no-load speed range from 0 to 15000 rpm. The no-load speed of the fixed speed model will float between 15000rpm-18000rmp according to the voltage of the environment. Offers versatility for a variety of applications. Explore our Wholesale options for bulk purchases and take advantage of discounted prices. For a personalized touch, consider our Customized solutions. With ample stock In China, your orders are ready for immediate delivery. Request a Free Sample to experience the advanced, easy-maintainable design of the WT-EB17A. Buy now and enjoy the latest discounts on this fashionable, newest, and quality product with a reliable warranty.

Product Parameters:



Power Supply


Rated Voltage


Rated Frequency


Rated Power


Air Flow


No-load speed


Packing Weight



 Color Box/BMC

Q’ty of 20’/40’/40’HQ


Product Applications:

Portable Household Electric Blower is a versatile and efficient cleaning tool that seamlessly adapts to various environments. For car interior cleaning, it effortlessly removes dust and debris, ensuring a pristine and comfortable driving experience. In home cleaning, this tool becomes a reliable companion for tackling dust and dirt in different corners and surfaces, helping to maintain a tidy living space. Additionally, the WT-EB17A swiftly clears fallen leaves from gardens or driveways, simplifying outdoor maintenance. For computer dusting, it provides a safe and effective solution to clear dust from components, promoting optimal performance and ensuring the longevity of electronic devices. With its adaptability and ease of use, the WT-EB17A proves to be a versatile cleaning companion for various cleaning tasks across different settings.

Product Details:

1: The motor air inlet of the Portable Household Electric Blower is a hollow plastic structure, which can prevent large particles from entering the blower.

2: The air inlet of the Portable Household Electric Blower has a buckle structure, and the air nozzle can be installed on the air inlet to be used as a small vacuum cleaner.

3: The carbon brushes are located on both sides of the air inlet. Maintenance of the Portable Household Electric Blower requires manual replacement.

4: The handle of the Portable Household Electric Blower has anti-slip texture to provide a better grip.

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