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Portable Brushless Cordless Drill
  • Portable Brushless Cordless DrillPortable Brushless Cordless Drill

Portable Brushless Cordless Drill

Introducing the Portable Brushless Cordless Drill, the WT-CDD45N-BL by Westul. A trusted companion for home repairs and DIY projects, this cordless drill boasts advanced features and powerful performance. As seasoned Manufacturers based in China with a rich legacy of over 27 years, we consistently produce over 6,000,000 power tools annually. Most of our products, including the WT-CDD45N-BL, hold CE/TUV/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC certifications, a testament to our commitment to quality and safety. With exports to 97 countries and a portfolio of 87 patented inventions and utility models, we are a reliable partner for your power tool needs.


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Product Description

Explore the cutting-edge features of the Portable Brushless Cordless Drill WT-CDD45N-BL, a DC-powered cordless drill designed for optimal performance. With a Voltage of 20V, 3820 Brushless Motor, and a Torque Setting with 21 options, this drill delivers precision and power. Avail Wholesale options, Discounts, and competitive Prices. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our certifications, including CE/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC.

Product Parameters:



Power Supply





 3820 Brushless Motor

No Load Speed


Torque Setting


Max Torque

 45 N.m

Chuck size


Net Weight


Unit Size



 Color Box/BMC

Q’ty of 20’/40’/40’HQ


Product Applications:

The Portable Brushless Cordless Drill by Westul is a versatile and efficient tool with a broad range of applications. Ideal for home repairs and DIY projects, it excels in furniture installation, door/window repairs, hanging pictures, and assembling shelves. Equipped with screwdriver heads, it quickly tightens and loosens screws and bolts, enhancing efficiency in furniture and appliance assembly/disassembly. In woodworking projects, the cordless drill, with suitable attachments, is essential for drilling, hole sawing, trimming, and sanding, contributing to the creation of furniture and wooden decorations. Its suitability extends to metalworking tasks, including drilling and thread cutting on metal surfaces, making it valuable in metal manufacturing, workshops, and precision metalworking areas. For construction work, electrical engineering, automotive maintenance, and outdoor tasks like tree pruning, the cordless drill's portability and versatility make it a popular and practical choice. In summary, the Portable Brushless Cordless Drill is a valuable addition to both professional and DIY toolkits, offering reliability and innovation in power tools from Westul.

Product Details:

Detail 1: The drill bit rotation direction adjustment button has three states. When the button is in the middle, the Portable Brushless Cordless Drill cannot work. When it is on both sides, it corresponds to clockwise and counterclockwise rotation directions, respectively.

Detail 2: The Portable Brushless Cordless Drill has two speed gears, which can be adjusted by pushing and pulling the button.

Detail 3: Torque adjustment, the larger the number, the greater the torque.

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