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Westul and his sales team participated in the 135th Canton Fair


From April 15th to 19th, 2024, Westul and his sales team participated in the 135th Canton Fair.

Today is the last day of the Canton Fair, and the 135th Canton Fair is about to conclude successfully. During this time, Westul was fortunate enough to make many close friends, and many customers also visited my booth located on September 2nd, I22-H27. The number of participants in this Canton Fair is higher than before, thanks to the impact of global openness and economic recovery.

Our product line is rich and diverse, including two major series of power tools and hand tools, including heat guns, electric drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, blowers, etc. It is worth mentioning that 90% of our product spare parts are produced by our factory. Our factory has a long history of nearly 30 years, and our professional factory only produces more professional products. WestUL values product development and innovation, constantly launching new products that meet market demand.Westul hopes to enhance brand awareness and expand brand influence through this Canton Fair, so that more customers can recognize our brand.

The samples exhibited this time are all the latest series, and our sales personnel have always been steadfast in their positions and dedicated to serving you. Looking forward to your visit and cooperation!

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