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What is the function of the hot air gun nozzle?


Our factory is equipped with 4 types of air nozzles for Westul brand hot air guns. Each of them has different applications. Learning to use the air nozzles correctly can greatly improve work efficiency.

The air nozzle No. 1 is a cone nozzle. It is easy to see from the shape that its function is to concentrate the wind force in one place. It is suitable for repairing electronic components to better heat and melt solder joints, as well as other more detailed work. 

The air nozzle No. 2 is a reflector nozzle, which can expand the scope of the hot air gun to one side and is often used in blister work.

The protector nozzle No. 3 plays a very important role. When there are flammable and breakable objects around the object where the hot air gun is needed, such as glass, using this air nozzle can protect one side from the hot air. The gun is struck by the force of the wind and eventually causes it to shatter.

No. 4 is the fishtail nozzle, which can concentrate the wind force on a line and is often used in car wrapping work.

The above is the hot air gun nozzle application guide provided by Westul.

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