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Internal Exhibition Hall Officially Completed on January 17, 2024


The internal exhibition hall of the company was officially completed on January 17, 2024, located in the central hall of the company, providing an impressive product showcase space for employees and visitors. This new exhibition hall will be a source of pride for the company, showcasing its innovative spirit and commitment to valued partnerships.

The design of the hall is meticulously crafted, with a backdrop of natural wood for product displays, creating a warm and modern atmosphere. The choice of natural wood not only reflects the company's commitment to environmental sustainability but also provides a unique stage for the showcased products.

The spacious hall is designed with half of the space dedicated specifically to showcasing products from the company's largest partner, Wagner. This layout not only emphasizes the close collaboration between the company and Wagner but also highlights their joint pursuit of innovation and quality. Wagner's products are prominently displayed in the hall, offering an engaging product exhibition for internal and external audiences.

On the day of the completion ceremony, senior executives from the company and representatives from Wagner jointly hosted a series of celebratory events to express gratitude to all team members involved in the construction of the exhibition hall. The completion marks a significant step for the company in enhancing its internal environment and strengthening partnerships.

The exhibition hall will serve as the central hub for internal communication and showcase, providing employees with a better platform for learning and communication. It will also offer customers and partners a deeper insight into the company's products and services. This investment will further solidify the company's position in the industry and lay a solid foundation for future development.

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