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Multi-Purpose Sharpener
  • Multi-Purpose SharpenerMulti-Purpose Sharpener

Multi-Purpose Sharpener

Introducing the Multi-Purpose Sharpener - WT-950M by Westul, a trusted name in the Power Tools industry for over 27 years. As dedicated Manufacturers based in China, our Factory boasts an annual production exceeding 6,000,000 units, with the majority holding CE/TUV/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC certifications. Our commitment to Quality, Innovation, and Compliance has propelled our products to 97 countries worldwide.


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Product Description

Discover the WT-950M Multi-Purpose Sharpener, an AC-powered tool (220~240V) designed for precision sharpening. With a Rated Power of 150W, this sharpener is equipped to handle a Drill Diameter range of Φ0.3-Φ13mm. It features an Easy-maintainable design and is the Latest Selling addition to our diverse range. Buy in Bulk, inquire about Wholesale, or request a Free Sample. Benefit from our In Stock availability and competitive Prices with Discounts, backed by a solid Warranty.

Explore the Advanced features and Quality craftsmanship that define Westul's commitment to excellence.

Product Parameters:



Power Supply


Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Drill Diameter


Cable Length


Net Weight


Unit Size



 Color Box

Q’ty of 20’/40’/40’HQ


Product Applications:

The WT-950M Multi-Purpose Sharpener proves to be a versatile and essential tool with widespread applications across various industries. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the sharpness of kitchen knives, scissors, and blades for enhanced safety and efficiency in home kitchens. In professional kitchens and catering establishments, chefs rely on it for efficient kitchen operations. Woodworkers use the sharpener to maintain hand tools like planes, saws, and cutting tools, ensuring high-quality woodworking. In gardening, the sharpener is employed to regularly sharpen tools such as scissors and lawnmower blades for clear and clean cuts while pruning. In the medical field, it facilitates precision sharpening and maintenance of surgical knives and instruments, ensuring accuracy and safety in medical procedures. Manufacturing processes benefit from regular maintenance of sharp blades for cutting, slicing, or trimming materials. Additionally, craftsmen in leatherworking utilize the sharpener to maintain cutting tools for clear and precise cuts when working with leather. In summary, the Multi-Purpose Sharpener is a versatile and indispensable tool, playing a vital role in maintaining blade sharpness, enhancing work efficiency, and ensuring safety and precision across various industries and daily life.

Product Details:

1: The angle fixing device of the Multi-Purpose Sharpener is used to fix the angle of the drill bit before starting the grinding work.

2: The drill bit sharpening port of the Multi-Purpose Sharpener has a rotating grinding disc inside.

3: There is a dust box at the bottom of each grinding disc to collect waste materials

4: When grinding a general tool, you need to hold the tool with your hands to keep the blade balanced.

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