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Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun
  • Cordless Solenoid Spray GunCordless Solenoid Spray Gun

Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun

Introducing the Westul Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun, model WT-SN15C-Li, the pinnacle of precision and efficiency in liquid application. As reputable Manufacturers with over 27 years of expertise, based in China, Westul takes pride in presenting this advanced spray gun. With an annual production exceeding 6,000,000 power tools, and the majority holding CE/TUV/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC certifications, we offer quality and innovation that extends across 97 countries and boasts 87 patents. Explore the future of spraying technology with our Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun.


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Product Description

Delve into the advanced features of the WT-SN15C-Li Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun. Powered by a 20V DC supply, this spray gun combines precision with mobility. The Paint reservoir options of 700/800/1000/1300, coupled with a Nozzle of Φ0.8mm, ensure meticulous control over your spraying applications. Experience a Max Flow rate of 300ml/min and Max. Viscosity of 60din/sec, offering efficiency and quality in every spray. Avail Wholesale options, inquire about Bulk purchases, or request a Free Sample. Benefit from our discounts and the assurance of CE/TUV/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC certifications. Stay ahead with the Fashion of the newest technology, ensuring quality, advanced features, and easy maintainability.

Product Parameters:



Power Supply




Paint reservoir




Max Flow rate


Max. Viscosity


Net Weight


Packing Size



 Color Box/BMC

Q’ty of 20’/40’/40’HQ

 2165/4650/5500 pcs

Product Applications:

The Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun, featuring a solenoid valve for precise liquid control, proves indispensable in various industries. Its applications span automotive painting, wood finishing, metal and plastic coating, furniture manufacturing, aerospace, electronic devices coating, general industrial coating, construction, architecture, and even DIY and home improvement projects. With its ability to ensure controlled and uniform paint application, this tool stands out for its versatility and efficiency across different sectors.

Product Details:

Detail 1: The nozzle valve core of the Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun is made of copper, which is more durable than plastic and is not easily damaged.

Detail 2: The motor housing of the Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun has small linear holes to dissipate heat from the motor and maintain the performance of the spray gun.

Detail 3: The handle of the Cordless Solenoid Spray Gun is fully covered with TPE to give users a better spraying experience.

Detail 4: There is a round knob at the rear end of the spray gun to adjust the amount of material sprayed.

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