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Compact High Temperature Output Heat Gun
  • Compact High Temperature Output Heat GunCompact High Temperature Output Heat Gun

Compact High Temperature Output Heat Gun

Introducing the compact high temperature output heat gun by Westul—an essential tool designed for precision and efficiency. The WT-RFA0118 is your reliable companion for various applications, delivering high performance in a compact design.

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Product Description

Unlock the power of the Compact High Temperature Output Heat Gun—your go-to solution for tasks requiring precision and reliability. This AC powered heat gun can be equipped with a 2000W(A)/1600W(B) high-power motor to ensure fast and efficient operation. The temperature output can be customized according to your needs. Motor A corresponds to I-440℃ and II-600℃, and motor B corresponds to I-400℃ and II-550℃(B).

Explore our Wholesale options for bulk purchases or opt for a Customized solution to meet your specific requirements. Benefit from our In Stock availability and enjoy Bulk discounts on larger orders. Request a Free Sample to experience the quality firsthand. Proudly Made in China, compact high temperature output heat gun adheres to the highest standards, boasting CE/TUV/RoHS/ETL/GS/EMC certifications.

Take advantage of Discounted Prices and receive a competitive Quotation for your purchase. Stay ahead with the Latest Fashion in power tools, and choose the Newest, Advanced, and Easy-maintainable compact high temperature output heat gun. Backed by our Trusted Warranty, this product is the Latest Selling solution for your heat application needs.

Compact High Temperature Output Heat Gun Parameters:



Power Supply


Rated Voltage


Rated Frequency


Rated Power



 I-440℃, II-600℃(A); I-400℃, II-550℃(B)

Flow Rate

 I-250L/Min, II-550L/Min

Packing Size


Packing Weight



 Color Box/BMC

Q’ty of 20’/40’/40’HQ


Product Applications:

Heat guns are versatile tools that emit a stream of hot air and find applications in various industries and tasks. Here are some common applications of heat guns:

Paint Stripping: Heat guns are commonly used for softening and removing paint from surfaces. The hot air helps to loosen the paint, making it easier to scrape away.

Shrink Wrapping: In packaging and shipping, heat guns are used to shrink-wrap products by applying heat to the plastic film, creating a tight and secure seal around items.

Adhesive Removal: Heat guns can be used to soften and remove adhesives, stickers, or decals from surfaces, making it easier to clean and restore the underlying material.

Soldering and Desoldering: Heat guns with adjustable temperature settings can be used for soldering electronic components or desoldering by melting solder joints for component removal.

Plastic Welding: In plastic fabrication, heat guns are used to weld or fuse thermoplastic materials together by melting the surfaces and allowing them to bond.

Bending PVC Pipes: Heat guns are employed to soften PVC pipes, allowing for easy bending and shaping without the need for additional tools.

Thawing Frozen Pipes: In plumbing, heat guns can be used to thaw frozen pipes by applying heat to the affected area, helping to melt the ice and restore water flow.

Drying and Curing: Heat guns are used for drying paint, varnish, or glue quickly. They can also be used in crafting to accelerate the drying process of certain materials.

Removal of Wax or Sealant: Heat guns can soften and melt wax or sealant on surfaces like cars or wooden furniture, making it easier to wipe away or scrape off.

Vinyl Floor Tile Removal: Heat guns are helpful in loosening adhesive beneath vinyl floor tiles, making it easier to lift and remove them during renovations.

Decal Application: In automotive detailing, heat guns are used to warm decals before application, making them more pliable and allowing for better adherence to curved surfaces.

Mold Shaping: In DIY mold-making projects, heat guns can be used to soften and shape thermoplastic materials to create custom molds.

Caramelizing Sugar: In culinary applications, heat guns are used to caramelize the sugar on desserts like crème brûlée or to brown the tops of meringues.

Softening and Shaping Plastic: Heat guns can be used to soften and shape various types of plastic materials for customization or repair purposes.

Crafting and Art Projects: Artists and crafters use heat guns for techniques such as embossing, shrinking plastic materials, or manipulating certain art mediums.

These applications demonstrate the versatility of heat guns across different industries and tasks, where controlled heat application is beneficial.

Product Details:

1: The heat gun has two settings that can adjust different temperatures and air speeds, providing more working options.

2: The rubberized handle provides comfortable grip, anti-slip design and thermal insulation protection, improving the operational convenience and safety of the heat gun.

3: The heat gun barrel is made of stainless steel to ensure durability and corrosion resistance.

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